Hey there, early birds and music enthusiasts! We have some exciting news to share that will bring rhythm, energy, and a dash of local flavor to your mornings. Augusta’s beloved community radio station is on the lookout for passionate volunteers like you to host captivating breakfast shows that will make every sunrise a melodious delight.

Are you an individual bursting with creativity, charisma, and a genuine love for connecting with people? If so, this opportunity might be your perfect stage to shine! Imagine waking up the city with your magnetic voice, hand-picked playlist, and entertaining banter, all while building a stronger community bond.

Why be just another face in the crowd when you can become the friendly voice that accompanies Augusta’s early risers during their morning routines? Hosting a breakfast show allows you to engage with a diverse audience, including commuters, students, and workers, who rely on their radios to kickstart their day. Contact the station today at [email protected]