Jarrod Brindley

Station Coordinator plus hosts Thursdays ‘Afternoon Shift’ a top 40 country music show 2-3pm. Jarrod also hosts ‘Private J Live’ a top 40 music show on Fridays 4-6pm plus co-hosts the ‘Happy Hour’ an Australian only music show Friday nights 6-7pm.

Tommy Collins

Host ‘The Fuse’ Wednesdays 5pm

Justin Cook

Hosts ‘B-Sides, Rarities and Other Things’ 10-11am a bi-weekly show playing those B side tracks and ‘The Year That Was’ 6-8pm a once month show that showcases an individual year.

Beth Cummings

Hosts ‘AlphaBeth’ on Tuesdays 3-5pm a weekly focus on an alphabetical letter. Community Announcements twice daily 10am and 3pm

Chris Cummings

Hosts ‘Chris’s Compilations’ playing classic rock music 1-3pm Tuesday afternoons

Stevi Goldworthy

The host of ‘Aussie Tunes’ on Tuesday 10am-12noon and ‘Conservation talk’ on Sunday 11am-12noon

Jeremy Trengrove & Carl Golds

‘All The Good Names Were Taken’ is a live DJ set of EDM

Emma Gillian

‘Em Power Hour”

Gil Goodwin

‘Open Hour’ a request show with Gil Goodwin on Monday mornings 12noon to 2pm with cohost Dean McFaull with ‘Out N’ About’ from 1pm-1.15pm.

Gordon Junor

Religious Programme Sunday 8am

Sandy Kaye

Hosts ‘A Breathe of Fresh Air’ Thursday evenings 5-6pm

Erin Kingston

Community Announcements twice daily 10am and 3pm

Rik Lok

Thursdays at 11am

Adam Mathews

Host of the Friday Program A History of Rock N Roll at 3pm

Dean McFaull

Host of Out and About a 15-30 minute segment on Open hour with Gil Goodwin

Robbie Maroon

Host of Hug Down Under Tuesday at 5pm

Keith Munday

The host of ‘Keith’s Sport Show’, on Monday mornings 10-11am with producer Jarrod as he tackles all the local and national sports news, plus playing your request, and gift giveaways.

Mark O’Neill

Hosts ‘Raised on Rock’ Monday nights 8-10pm

Amber Pasco

Religious Programme Saturday 8am

Mick Radojkovic

Host of “What the France” Sunday at 12pm

Wendy Shearwood

Community Announcements twice daily 10am and 3pm

Adrian Testa

Hosts ‘Just Breathe’ Mondays 3pm and repeated Wednesdays 2pm

Georgina Thiele

Co-host of the ‘Happy Hour’ an Australian only music hour Friday nights 6-7pm.

Ben Thomas

Hosts the ‘Lizard Lounge’ Saturday night

Steve Wood

Hosts ‘All The Dirt’ Sundays at 10am